Friday, August 31, 2012

Anatomy of a Skater Dress

I've been seeing these 'Skater' dresses popping up and I can't help but wonder if they mean Ice Skaters or like Skater Skaters (now I've said skater to much & it sounds funny). Any who, I think it can go either way depending on styling. I love that styling an outfit can take it in sooo many different directions. Dress it down for campus with some flat shoes (like Converse, Keds or Toms) or pump up the volume with some wedges or sandals (we'll talk a bit more about that in a sec). Being in college, I like to invest in pieces that are super versatile and these cute little numbers certainly fit the bill. There are so many variations on this style - it's unbelievable. I find myself wanting one in every shade/pattern & minor adaptation available. 

Anatomy: the Skater dress is basically a princess seam shift dress with any form of flared or gathered skirt that comes to the knees and up (but not to far). Also, more often than not it's sleeveless with a high neckline. Of course like any good style it has many, many mutations (if you will - Ecology & Evolution class on the brain).

You can find all of these Top Shop dresses here on the UK site (except for the neon one - it's sold out). Nasty Gal has some really awesome & edgy skater dresses here & Madewell (of course) has the playful, sporty ones (like this one / a must buy for me).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Heirloom - Love

Lately I've been accumulating little trinkets and baubles from relatives who have since passed and I thought I would share some of these things that are so special and close to my heart. My Granny Love recently passed away and our family has been going through her belongings (a task that is quite overwhelming at times). I've been plagued with the question "What of hers would you like?" and I'll be honest... at first I was disgusted by the thought of divvying up what was left behind but I've since slightly warmed up to the idea and brought home a couple things that will always remind me of her. 

She loved artwork of the sea & great old ships and had this awesome copper music box-like ship that plays something I don't know and moves up and down like it were in an ocean. 

ship-flags  sails  mecanism  anchor 
My aunt gave me the first watch my Papa ever gave to my Granny after they were married in 1953. It's a Goddess of Time Bulova. So small and dainty, like nothing I've ever seen before.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Room - Redo

Lately I've been feeling a bit blah & over my current room set up and decor (could be that it's a smidge messy) but none the less I'm over it. The last time I updated my room was - well lets just say quite a long time ago. I've had white walls since that time and I've continued to be in love with them, although they could use a touch up most definitely. I need to de-clutter my desk space and really just edit the stock pile of junk I've accumulated over the past years. I'm working with a pretty small space so I want to really open up the room. Thus, my new project has been formed! I've created a list of changes :
  • a neon door!
  • paint my black bed and desk white
  • more floating shelves
  • rip up my gray carpet / still deciding on floor ideas
  • replace my black & red curtains with white sheers
  • touch up my white walls / add a neon stripe where the chair rail is
  • new light fixtures & ceiling fan
  • de-clutter desk & closet
I'll be posting photos as the project progresses! Until then, take a peek at the pretty below! Are you planning any big projects? 

Thank you Pinterest for the great ideas! & my Google skills helped turn up that awesome flip clock screen saver! You can find it here! I found a really awesome dye technique on a subtle revelry and I can't wait to try it out on my new bedding!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

RAD-ventures in LilyLand

First post! I've been researching and working really really late into the night these past few & I have to say I am thrilled with how everything is coming together! Still under construction, as you can see but I'll continue to work play around with this until it's finished. Hey look up! I have a cute pink french macaron favicon!


I've been in sensory overload here lately (in the best way) & so I headed to Broughton St. (Savannah, GA) to indulge in some unique shopping. I did have a plan, and again I say DID because well, per usual my life never goes according to plan. Anyway, I've been scouring every inch of etsy, blog, and internet shop for a cute planner (it's really important to me - what can I say). To no avail, sadly. Today was going to be the day that I found this elusive planner and to my surprise it actually was! Yay me! Although, downtown was a big failure in that department & that it basically monsoon-ed (Thank you Cory!) on me. We'll get to my victory purchase in a minute.


However... I did find a few gems before the rain well, rained on my parade. I've been obsessing over anything and everything neon for a long time and that translated to everything I bought today being neon. 1. Neon & gold fleck glass coaster 2. Neon lucite zip clutch 3. Neon stripped scarf 4. Highlighter pencils! 5. Neon doilies 6. Neon mini notebook with mini pen. Maybe, just maybe all this rain lately has done a number to my psyche. Three dreary, dull & rainy weeks could very well have that effect on a girl! Check out the pics after the jump...