Saturday, August 25, 2012

Room - Redo

Lately I've been feeling a bit blah & over my current room set up and decor (could be that it's a smidge messy) but none the less I'm over it. The last time I updated my room was - well lets just say quite a long time ago. I've had white walls since that time and I've continued to be in love with them, although they could use a touch up most definitely. I need to de-clutter my desk space and really just edit the stock pile of junk I've accumulated over the past years. I'm working with a pretty small space so I want to really open up the room. Thus, my new project has been formed! I've created a list of changes :
  • a neon door!
  • paint my black bed and desk white
  • more floating shelves
  • rip up my gray carpet / still deciding on floor ideas
  • replace my black & red curtains with white sheers
  • touch up my white walls / add a neon stripe where the chair rail is
  • new light fixtures & ceiling fan
  • de-clutter desk & closet
I'll be posting photos as the project progresses! Until then, take a peek at the pretty below! Are you planning any big projects? 

Thank you Pinterest for the great ideas! & my Google skills helped turn up that awesome flip clock screen saver! You can find it here! I found a really awesome dye technique on a subtle revelry and I can't wait to try it out on my new bedding!



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