Monday, August 27, 2012

Heirloom - Love

Lately I've been accumulating little trinkets and baubles from relatives who have since passed and I thought I would share some of these things that are so special and close to my heart. My Granny Love recently passed away and our family has been going through her belongings (a task that is quite overwhelming at times). I've been plagued with the question "What of hers would you like?" and I'll be honest... at first I was disgusted by the thought of divvying up what was left behind but I've since slightly warmed up to the idea and brought home a couple things that will always remind me of her. 

She loved artwork of the sea & great old ships and had this awesome copper music box-like ship that plays something I don't know and moves up and down like it were in an ocean. 

ship-flags  sails  mecanism  anchor 
My aunt gave me the first watch my Papa ever gave to my Granny after they were married in 1953. It's a Goddess of Time Bulova. So small and dainty, like nothing I've ever seen before.

When going through her closet we found a mink stole (sans mink jacket). In days of old fur was seen as a great status symbol, not so much now but I'm glad to have it. 


She had a great big perfume collection, all in these tiny - very decorative glass bottles that I remember getting into as a kid (come to find out some of these were actually my mother's as a child). However, the perfume left over inside isn't quite my style...

3-bottles  red-bottle-cap  swan-bottle  angle-flower
Along with these things comes A LOT (& I mean a lot) of photos from 1900 & up. I could be am exaggerating a bit but only because I don't know the exact date of the first photo in this enormous cedar chest (mmm I can smell the cedar just thinking about it). Something about going through old photos really makes me so happy.

My Papa (top left corner) He was very handsome.

mom  80's-mom-
My early 80's Mom. Check that out! Model material right there.

Yeah! My little sis (Casey) & I. We were 90's children for sure.

So thankful to have these things to keep my Granny & Papa Love close to me. (Yes, their last name really was Love... I've always considered hyphenating my last name so I can be Lily Love(-Johnson)



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