Sunday, August 19, 2012

RAD-ventures in LilyLand

First post! I've been researching and working really really late into the night these past few & I have to say I am thrilled with how everything is coming together! Still under construction, as you can see but I'll continue to work play around with this until it's finished. Hey look up! I have a cute pink french macaron favicon!


I've been in sensory overload here lately (in the best way) & so I headed to Broughton St. (Savannah, GA) to indulge in some unique shopping. I did have a plan, and again I say DID because well, per usual my life never goes according to plan. Anyway, I've been scouring every inch of etsy, blog, and internet shop for a cute planner (it's really important to me - what can I say). To no avail, sadly. Today was going to be the day that I found this elusive planner and to my surprise it actually was! Yay me! Although, downtown was a big failure in that department & that it basically monsoon-ed (Thank you Cory!) on me. We'll get to my victory purchase in a minute.


However... I did find a few gems before the rain well, rained on my parade. I've been obsessing over anything and everything neon for a long time and that translated to everything I bought today being neon. 1. Neon & gold fleck glass coaster 2. Neon lucite zip clutch 3. Neon stripped scarf 4. Highlighter pencils! 5. Neon doilies 6. Neon mini notebook with mini pen. Maybe, just maybe all this rain lately has done a number to my psyche. Three dreary, dull & rainy weeks could very well have that effect on a girl! Check out the pics after the jump...

villa-coaster neon-clutch scarf hilight mini-pen

Strangely enough, I only went in ONE clothing store this whole day! Gap being that lucky, lucky store. But really it is I that was the lucky one - more neon. Hot coral khakis & Mod turquoise jegging jeans. Shut the front door. So comfy, cute & on trend. I didn't purchase today (had other dare I say more important fish to fry) but those babies will be mine, all mine soon enough.

Serious talk for a sec. Poketo has product at my beloved Target. I nearly keeled over in the isle when I happened upon my new day planner &&& huge desk calendar! How could I have ever ever thought to look anywhere else for absurdly cute back to school paraphernalia. Shame on me for looking there last.

poketo-close-up desk-pad-rc bday-planner

^^^I decorated October already (Birthday!).

I hope you enjoyed what you've seen so far! Leave me some feedback in the comments section!



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